- Rent it, use it and give it back. - Rent it, use it and give it back.

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1. Is the equipment new?
All of our equipment is either new or in excellent condition (gently used). We pride ourselves on the quality and cleanliness of our merchandise. Each item is thoroughly inspected before each rental.

2. Is the equipment sanitized and safe?
Yes, prior to each new rental, all equipment is cleaned and sanitized. The equipment is also inspected for safety before each rental. We treat the equipment as if our own children were using it. Products are checked after use and replaced as needed with a focus on the changing baby industry

3. Is there a delivery charge?
Yes, there is a one-time delivery charge which includes delivery and pick-up. The amount of the delivery fee varies by location. If there is a missed pick up or deliver, there will be an additional fee.

4. Are sheets included?
All crib reservations include a mattress, mattress pad, and fitted crib sheet. Pack n Play rentals include a fitted sheet. Should you need additional sheets, please let us know for an additional fee.

5. Will you install car seats?
We cannot install car seats for liability purposes. Most guests find that our car seats are easy to install.

6. Can I make changes to my order?
Yes. If you need to make changes to your order please log into your account and from there you will be able to make any necessary changes up to 72 hours prior to delivery. You will be able to add or remove items, change dates, delivery/ pick up times, and addresses up to 72 hours prior to delivery. You will receive an order change confirmation via email. If there are changes within 72 hours of delivery, fees will apply and please email Kiddierent.

7. How far ahead should I place an order?
Ordering as early as possible is the best way to make sure you will get what you need. As soon as you know your traveling dates go online and book your equipment. Whenever traveling during holiday or summer months try booking several weeks ahead as those are the busiest times. During non-holiday or summer months one to two weeks’ notice is sufficient. We will always try to accommodate last-minute orders. Please email us.

8. What if I have a last minute order?
For last-minute orders simply place your reservation online and we will flag it as a rush order when it comes in. From this point, we will make an attempt to expedite a confirmation email to you quickly. Keep your eye on your emails for your confirmation as generally, we can get one out to you within maximum 6 hours within Tbilisi City Limits. If there is an issue because of the short notice we will either contact you via phone, text or email as well. Remember that confirmation is subject to availability although we always do our best to get you the items you need. Remember you must receive a confirmation email for your order to be processed and delivered.

9. Is there a minimum order amount?
Minimum orders amounts start at GEL 100 + delivery fee and depends on your destination due to destination. You may still place an order that falls below the minimum amount but will be charged the minimum fee.

10. When does my rental term begin and end?
Your rental term will begin on the day of delivery and end on the day of pick up/delivery.

11. At what times are deliveries done?
There is generally a 4-hour time window needed for all deliveries and pickups of baby equipment. If you arrive at the airport, we will be meeting you when your flight arrives and when you depart or agreed upon location. If no one is available at the location during your designated delivery or pickup time there will be an attempt to reschedule with an additional fee. All items need to be delivered and picked up on the same date and time within the order confirmed.

12. What are the delivery rates?
Delivery rates can start at GEL 50 but are based on the distance traveled to your destination. All rates include delivery and pickup.

13. Do you provide long-term rentals?
Long-term rentals are available and apply on orders lasting more than 2 weeks.

14. How does delivery/pick up work?
Please see How It Works tab for more details

15. What is your cancellation policy?
Please see Terms & Conditions tab for more details

16. How does payment work and what forms of payments do you accept?
Please see Terms & Conditions tab for more details

Kiddierent recommends that no foods or liquids that can stain products be given to children during use except feeding items such as a high chair. This is a great way to avoid any extra cleaning or replacement fees.

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